Saturday, June 19, 2010

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Gyaru breast Magazines! Magazines magazines

The gyaru get older, they change their style, and with children.

In the market there are many magazines, for those who have had children gyaru, appearing in them all kinds of reports:

As your baby walk in the park without losing your style, and dress your baby like a whole mini- gyaru or gyaru-o.

Style up to go to the supermarket to do the shopping!

Reports on how to decorate the room of your children, and how to prepare meals more fun!

Many models have become mothers in recent years (I will not put all obvious.)

Rumiringo was the first to have a child, long tube a space dedicated to her and her baby in the EGG called RUMI'S DIARY. Rumi changed his style to a more adult the mother and still be spectacular.

The last to be mommy was Kaoru, his style has not changed, remains Galaxxxy girl, and Michiru small too!

A pregnancy that surprised was to Kazue, no one knew much about it because I was not one of the stars of the EGG, but can not imagine a girl so sexy and photo shoots and, suddenly becomes mother?

The breast is best known as a no, Tsubasa, if she has taken advantage (as always) to be a mother, yet there is no photo that you see baby's face, after 2 years ... that there will be a book for sale to see her face to drink Umeda?
is the only one so far, has returned to work as a model after giving birth.

So if soys mothers, you can still be gyaru, there is only inspired by super models and flip through magazines!


The JELLY has released a new magazine, JELLY MOM! with Tsubasa on the cover (now work for this magazine, too?)




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